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Maximizing Workforce Contribution Whitepaper

Every Organization will face external challenges beyond their control. However, some of the most frustrating and costly challenges originate from within and have one thing in common…people. Therefore, the ongoing challenge that an Organization faces is how to acquire, develop, engage and retain the right people.


Profile Assessment Whitepaper

The MERIT Profile Assessment is a professionally constructed 60-item survey that produces a 6-page Recruitment Report and a 13-page Development Report that are utilized for talent acquisition and employee development purposes. This validated psychometric instrument provides an accurate, reliable assessment of an individual’s current Character and Behavior DNA, as well as their overall Attitudes, Beliefs, and Commitments.


Personal Leadership Effectiveness Whitepaper

Sustainable personal and professional growth only happen when a person is authentically transformed from the inside out. The majority of Human Capital Solutions in the marketplace only supply short-term motivational fixes that do not develop the kinds of habits that generate positive, long-lasting transformational change.


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