Solution Offerings


Online Client Certification Options


Several Client Certification Options are available to meet the needs of Executive Leaders, Managers, Supervisors, Human Resource Professionals, Training Directors, and Hiring Managers.


Online Partner Certification Options


Several Professional Certification Options are available to equip independent Consultants, Trainers, Coaches, and Advisors with the knowledge and skills to expand their professional services and deliverables to new and existing clients.


Online Educational Courses


Online Educational Courses are available that improve an individual’s overall Personal Leadership Effectiveness, which is foundational to his or her overall performance, productivity, team efficiency, and bottom line contributions.


MERIT Profile Assessment


The MERIT Profile Assessment is a psychometric diagnostic tool that assesses ten Character-based Leadership Competencies, four Behavior Traits, and a person’s Attitudes, Beliefs and Commitments. The MERIT Profile Assessment produces a 6-page Recruitment Report and a 13-page Employee Development Report.


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